Hundreds of aspiring professionals from all over the world have chosen to attend our training for its
dynamic, vibrant atmosphere in addition to our highly qualified teachers, state-of-the-art clinic, and
focus on learning. We have gained a reputation as the place to go if you are looking for superior, in-
depth training under the instruction of seasoned professionals in many disciplines including colon
hydrotherapy, naturopathic medicine, and massage therapy.
100-Hour CourseInternational Training
International On-Location Training
Many international clinics choose ICTTI to train their medical staff in the practice of colon hydrotherapy because of our flexibility to work with their schedules and our ability to travel to their location to provide training. Here are some of the places where we have taught:
• Colorectal Clinic Egypt
• Integrative Clinic Thailand
• Integrative Clinic Switzerland
• Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic Mexico
• Hospital Saudi Arabia
• Hospital Dubai
• Hospital USA
• Colorectal Clinic Brazil
• Hospital Venezuela
• Integrative Clinic Zambia
• Gastroenterology Hospital Turkey
• Integrative Clinic Vietnam
• Integrative Medical Hospital Philippines
• Colorectal Hospitals India

“An excellent course. I could not have gained the skill and confidence without this expert training.”

P. Wilkinson

Idaho, USA