Reliability and Easy Service

  • Hassle-free servicing
  • Hinged back with easy access
  • Can be wall or cart mounted

A Suite of Features

  • Gravity mode
  • Pressure mode
  • Live switching
  • Industry leading flow rates
  • Applied pressure sensing technology

A focus on safety

  • FDA Class II cleared
  • Health Canada Class II Device License
  • European Community Rule cleared
  • Maximum patient safety standards

We use state-of-the-art, FDA cleared and Health Canada registered colon hydrotherapy equipment, the Aquanet EC-2000.

This closed system colon hydrotherapy device that allows the practitioner to switch between gravity and pressure modes of operation during a treatment and is the most effective, safe, and comfortable device available today.

Discounts available on purchase of Aquanet colon hydrotherapy equipment for graduates from ICTTI.*

*Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer

“The course was just great. Thank you very much for sharing all your experience and dedication. I was very satisfied and I will recommend this course to all my peers who would like to practice Colon Hydrotherapy.”

P. Stroud

Langley, British Columbia

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