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We run our training course periodically and because a big part of the program involves hands-on treatments, we are always looking for people to add to our client list.

As a client at the International Colon Therapist Institute, here is what you can expect:


  • A free colon hydrotherapy treatment delivered by a colon therapist student at our school (there is just a $10 fee to cover the cost of supplies)
  • An experienced colon therapist teacher overseeing the treatment, present during the entire session
  • Up to two other students observing the treatment, present during the entire session
  • A comfortable, clean, professional clinic facility in Port Coquitlam, BC

What we at the International Colon Therapist Institute expects from our clients:


  • You must have received at least 5 closed system colon hydrotherapy treatments in the past and be comfortable with the procedure
  • You must be comfortable having several people in addition to you and the student therapist in the room observing the treatment
  • You must fill in the intake form in advance of your appointment; you will be emailed a link to the form
  • You must be aware that you are the client for a training program and though we will ensure your well-being throughout the treatment, the student therapists’ learning is high priority
  • You must arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment *
  • You must give at least 3 days notice if you need to cancel*

*Both punctuality and adequate (minimum 3 days) notice if you need to cancel are extremely important. The students’ training relies on you being there when you say you will. Clients who do not fulfill these requirements will be removed from our client list. 

If you’d like to be added to our client list please email us at



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