Medical Professionals

Medical professionals often don’t need to attend a full 100-hour course in order to be trained to deliver colon hydrotherapy treatments. If you or the medical professional you would like to be trained in colon hydrotherapy already has/have a solid background in anatomy and physiology, and are not interested in a curriculum that covers business practices, other complimentary modalities such as essential oils etc (i.e. you don’t require the entire I-ACT certification course), our medical professional training is the right choice for you. ICTTI is dedicated to providing training that meets the learning needs of medical professionals looking to become trained in the practical application of colon hydrotherapy.

Medical Staff Professionals


If you are a medical professional (i.e. registered nurse, naturopathic doctor, doctor of chiropractic) or have medical staff that you would like to have trained on the application of colon hydrotherapy we can provide training geared to medical professionals. Taking into consideration the specific medical professional’s background, this can be done in as little as two days (8 hours per day). This training takes place at our headquarters near Vancouver, Canada.

On-location Training


This is for medical establishments that require hands-on colon hydrotherapy training for a group of
medical professionals. One of ICTTI’s expert clinical trainers will travel to your clinic or hospital and
provide training at your location. The specific medical professionals’ backgrounds will be taken into
consideration and a customized schedule will be developed.

For more information and to discuss options, please contact us.
I really loved this program and I felt so lucky to have had the opportunity to really get a good feel for the treatments with “live” clients. I so enjoyed meeting everyone. The class, teachers and both you and Tinesja are so inspirational! So thank you!”

L. Host

Vancouver, British Columbia

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