Are these online courses?

No, all of our courses take place in person in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. This is just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia and is just north of Seattle, Washington. 

Is a career in colon hydrotherapy right for me?

Our students often have backgrounds in wellness or health fields including registered/licensed massage therapy, fitness instruction, personal training, nursing, nutrition, spa therapy, and naturopathic medicine. But you don’t need to have a background in health or wellness in order to succeed as a colon therapist; you just need strong interpersonal skills, professionalism, and an ability to empathize with clients in addition to fulfilling the prerequisites listed in the prerequisites section of this website.

I am coming from a different part of the country or world. Where can I stay during the course?

There are several options for accommodation:

1. Book an Air BnB in the Port Coquitlam area. This is likely the most cost-effective option.
2. Book a room at POCO Inn & Suites. Mention that you are a student of International Colon Therapist Training Institute to receive their corporate rate. It will take you around 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes by bus to get to school each day.

Is the A&P pre-test difficult?

This test assesses whether you have basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology and you will be asked to take it on your first day of training. If you have completed an accredited college-level anatomy & physiology course and understood the material you should have no trouble completing this test.

Are the exams at the end of the program difficult?

The written multiple-choice exam is based on the I-ACT Manual, which you will be sent in advance. Make sure you study it well. Our curriculum also covers the material that you are examined on, so make sure you arrive to class well rested every day and ready to take in as much as you can! If you are diligent with your studies you will likely find the exams to be fair.  

How much does the equipment cost if I decide to buy my own colon hydrotherapy device to start a clinic?

This depends on which type of device you want to buy. You can contact Prime Pacific Health Innovations to ask for more information and a price quote. Make sure you mention that you will be a student with the International Colon Therapist Training Institute which will entitle you to a 10% discount on the purchase of any of Prime Pacific’s Aquanet devices.

Are there employment opportunities?

There are many different ways to develop your practice as a colon therapist. You may find a clinic space to rent or given that zoning allows for it start your own clinic in your home. You may rent a room in an already established natural health or integrative health clinic. If you’re looking to be hired by an established clinic, you’ll be placed on our alumni list. We regularly receive requests from established clinics for qualified colon therapists that we forward on to our alumni.

Is there special plumbing needed?

The plumbing is generally quite simple; it’s the same sort of plumbing that is needed for a sink. There may be specific requirements that you need to adhere to depending on the rules in your municipality. Prime Pacific Health Innovations offers full pre-installation (i.e. plumbing) and installation guidance in the form of videos and telephone support.

“Regarding the colonics we learned from your school, it was really a step up move to my new career here in Canada, thanks to you, Tinesja, and to our teachers, who patiently taught us so well. As a matter of fact, I did one colonics yesterday to a patient and another one this afternoon to another patient and it all went so smoothly. And my employer was confident that I can handle more than enough so she book more patients in the coming days for colonics. Yahoo!! I miss my classmates and also the great food you daily served to us.”
Dr. L Yang

Surrey, British Columbia

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